5 Cool Things To Do At A Ski Lodge During Late Spring and Summer

When you hear the words ‘ski lodge’, you’re immediately swept away by images of fresh fallen snow, bright ski gear, snowboarding, and chair lifts. Well, while all of those images are well and good, what happens during the late spring and summer months? After all, the amount of snow falling will be drastically lower & what is on the ground may not be the most conducive to traditional “slope” activities.

The important thing is to not get discouraged. Traveling to a ski lodge during less-than-peak times doesn’t mean you’re out of luck in terms of the fun. In fact, you might be in store for some absolutely awesome times. Here are five things that will make your post-ski season ski lodge visit an absolute blast:

1. Hiking – This is an unsung activity that often gets touted as a “must do” in just about any environment. Keep in mind, though, that you’re in the mountains, and as such, the terrain is actually the birthplace of the hike. You’re also being greeted by an environment that has cool, temperate weather, elevations that test your physical fitness, and you can finally eat trail mix on a trail where you’re using a lot of energy!

2. Camping – Ski lodges have the fortunate nature of being in and around national forests. Not only are you greeted with pristine, unspoiled nature, you’re also given the chance to really enjoy the wild. Take advantage by taking a walk along a riverbank or just look up in the sky & see all of the stars that you aren’t afforded by living in the big city.

3. Fishing – It might be a hard sell to call fishing a ‘cool’ activity, but the fact remains that anglers and outdoorsman are part of the original “mountain folk” in this country, so in some respects, by casting a line into a mountain stream, you are connecting with a long line of pioneers. Plus, being able to fish is about as relaxed as you can get. The key is to remember that the fishing is the fun part, and you always have the catching to look forward to as well.

4. Horseback Riding – Luckily, many ski lodges and their surrounding towns offer horseback riding to visitors as a way to explore. Riding a horse is akin to connecting to a traditional way of life, and it’s also a great way for someone to gain an appreciation for the amazing animal we call the horse.

5. Off-Road Adventure – Now for something completely different! Many ski lodges are situated near off-road vehicle trails. What better way to hit the “back country” than by revving your ATV engine and letting nature know you’re there to explore. Many lodges can steer you in the right direction for ATV rental companies so you don’t have to supply your own vehicle.

Top 10 Things To Do In Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina Aquarium

This mega aquarium is not just the home to sea creatures. It is a perfect and beautiful mix of land creatures, reptiles, birds, plants, and sea creatures. The aquarium features a 385,000 gallon aquarium tank, in which daily shows are displayed. There are also shark shallows which allow you to touch the sharks and other sea creatures without fear or getting harmed. You should also check out the 2201b loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta, which lives in the great ocean tank

Waterfront Park

This 12acre park features a waterfront that stretches for more than a thousand feet. The views are ideal for a nice relaxation time, and here you would also find old fashioned park benches and double swings that face the water. When it gets dark, the pineapple fountain lights up and the seasonal flower gardens spice up the color to give it wonderful view.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Have you ever seen a large garden with a year round beauty? If not, the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a place for you to check. It is America’s oldest public access gardens, and was first opened to visitors in 1870. It also features one of the world’s largest romantic-styled garden, and would be an ideal place to have a romantic picnic.

Middleton Place Plantation

The beauty of the south is pronounced by the beauty of its plantations, and the south has a lot of plantations to boast of. The Middleton Place Plantation is also one of America’s oldest landscape gardens. Stretched with hedged galleries, pools, descending terraces, and even the ground has a lot of magnificence to show off.

USS Yorktown and Patriots Point

The USS Yorktown is located at Patriots Point just across Charleston Harbour, where it can be boarded. The enormous vessel was the tenth aircraft carrier to serve the U.S Navy. It received the presidential unit citation, 5 battle stars for serving in Vietnam, and also 11 battle stars for serving in the World War II. This special vessel was also the vessel selected to recover the astronauts of the Apollo 8 and was also used in the film debut of ‘The Fighting Lady’ in 1944.

Boone Hall Plantation

This plantation stretches over three-quarters of a mile, and it is popularly known for its moss-draped oak trees and preserving the original cabins of slaves. It started in 1681, and is one of America’s oldest working plantations. The trees have a beautiful appearance in photos despite their age; being planted as far back as 1743 by Major John Boone’s son. This is a site worth seeing, and the market is stocked with produce of the plantation.

Old Slave Mart Museum

This museum brings back the tales of history, a place set aside inside the building where auctioning of slaves took place before the Civil War. The eye catcher is the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon where pirates were imprisoned.

Drayton Hall

The Drayton Hall is the oldest plantation house unrestored in America and still open to the public. The enticing aspect of this hall is the fact that everything was left untouched to give a very good glimpse of the past. It is one of the few halls to survive the Civil War still intact. It contains one of the oldest African American cemeteries, dating as far back as 1790, which is still in use.

Fort Sumter National Monument

This is where the American Civil War began; April 12,1861. Its ruins are still well preserved, and its stories are told by National Park Rangers on how it shaped history.

Ravenel Bridge

Named after Arthur Ravenel Jr., running across the Cooper River and joining the Mount Pleasant to downtown Charleston, the bridge became a landmark after its completion in 2005. The design and capabilities of the bridge is enough to leave one in awe even aside from its beautiful design.

How To Avoid Travel Troubles

Everything can now be booked online from flights to accommodation to hiring cabs and leisure activities. But sometimes what is said or seen online is totally different from reality. Your disappointment is beyond compare but you can do nothing about it but to embrace the sudden changes.

Figuring out which online booking sites to partner with is a challenge. It’s really confusing. But most online booking sites have significant differences because when you book for economy or low-cost hotels, never expect that you can get what is shown online. Sometimes, hoteliers and booking giants have conflict especially in terms of discounted accommodations.

Accommodation is a problem in travelling abroad. The main problems being that the provider cancelled the booking, overbooked or had no record of the booking, or the room was sub-standard compared to what was booked or advertised online. According to some people I talked with during my stay abroad, I am entitled to get a room that matches what was advertised to me or refund me should I not wish to push through my accommodation. But if you are new to an unfamiliar territory, you are really afraid to change hotels in a short notice.

Based on experience, you need to do some research on the booking site before you book to make sure it’s bonafide and legal. If you’re travelling out of the country, more likely than not. you’ll be travelling by plane. Some of the problems encountered by travelers include flights being either delayed or cancelled. Most airlines will either give a refund or another schedule as soon as space is available without additional charge. However, the irony is that they won’t necessarily take responsibility if you fail to make a connecting flight as a result.

One of the hidden costs of booking online for airfares can be the credit card surcharges tacked on at the end aside from the travel taxes. So if you are booking a promo fare, be ready for the surcharges when you pay them in the counter. It’s quite disgusting!

Aside from this, transportation at the airport is also a challenge. Taxis, buses and trains, also cause most common travel trouble especially if you are new to the area. Most often, passengers are being overcharged for trips or being taken the wrong route, their service being delayed or getting poor service from drivers. If you want to be delivered right in front of your hotel, you have to pay the most expensive fare on earth.

A lot of people likewise have troubles with car hire when travelling because of the hidden costs. However, when you go to Malaysia, you can hire Grab taxis which are cheaper compared to other forms of transportation to get around and track your route.

Moreover, booking with a travel agent is also a problem affecting almost all travelers. Of those having travel agent troubles, guests had difficulty rectifying mistakes. Hidden fees weren’t far behind, affecting preferences and services not being delivered, such as not getting the right room type.

What I did was see the circumstance in a different perspective. Instead of being dismayed, I even enjoyed my stay in Malaysia. We just need to be open-minded and flexible.